Measures You Can Take to Protect Your Small Enterprise From Business Litigation


Starting a business where one is the only owner can be a fulfilling achievement. It is possible to get caught up in all matters and forget that even small businesses are required to abide by certain laws. Failure to do so can lead to a host of legal issues that could affect the performance of the business. Even if you are operating with a few employees and resources, it is important to understand legal matters that can arise against your business and measures that you can take to prevent them.

4 November 2016

Understanding Partial Trademark Protection on Existing Products


If you come up with a unique idea, product or service, it is a prudent thing to safeguard your invention. This will prevent other people from making counterfeit goods, or make a living off your efforts without giving you the credit that you deserve. With a trademark, you can register symbols and words to identify your venture or product. It will give you a legally recognised and unique identity that others cannot use without your permission.

5 April 2016