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How a property lawyer helps you get it right when in real estate purchase agreements


Real estate deals are very delicate in nature. Whether you are buying or selling property, you need to ensure that you are following the right processes. The fact that there are still many fraudsters out to make a quick buck off your ignorance should alert you that you need to always have legal experts guiding you through every step of the process. The real estate purchase agreement is the document which will reflect your desires whether you are the buyer or the seller, and this will help you avoid getting into deals which could hurt you. The following are some issues which can be addressed by the lawyer.

Alteration to the property

During the life of a property under someone's name, it is possible to make alterations from time to time. However, these changes are supposed to be done legally, and in a manner which does not compromise the property deed. In case changes such as liens, additions and subtractions were made to a piece of property in its lifetime, the lawyer will figure out if it was done within the confines of property law.

Presence of hazardous substances on the property

At times, you may find that the property you are interested in, or have already bought has issues such as the presence of asbestos, termites and lead-based paint. It is difficult to deal with such situations because you may not know the exact place where you can get help to either get rid of the waste or get your money back. A competent lawyer knows the by-laws which govern the sale of property which has these weaknesses and will offer you the right guidance.

When the closing does not happen

Another eventuality that is common in property sales is when closings do not happen. The situation may arise because the buyer does not have the needed funds; a mortgage was declined or other seller-related issues. When this happens, you have to make sure that your escrow is safely held by a lawyer to avoid losses. Your property attorney will help you navigate this hurdle without losing your money.

These are some of the situations which you will need an experienced property attorney to help with. Other cases include title searches and problems during the closing process. As long as you have a reliable lawyer working on all the details  of the purchase, you can relax and trust that the transactions will be transparent and free from hitches.


21 February 2018